Rustic Flags For Veterans operates as a not for profit organization that depends solely on financial contributions to fund its entire operations.


The purpose and mission of Rustic Flags For Veterans is to honor past, present and future, Veterans of our U. S. Military, Police Departments and Fire Departments, or their survivors, by presenting free of charge, in public ceremonies, to as many of these individuals as is possible, a rustic flag, or other appropriate symbol, in appreciation for their service, or sacrifice, to, or for, our nation, or local communities.


While we do sell some of our products to the general public, our primary focus is to honor veterans and first responders with rustic flags.

The products that we do sell, 100% of the proceeds go directly into the funding of our mission. To see what products we have available, check out our shop.

At present, we have three different flags, distribution of which is determined by our directors:

  • Our large flag, embossed with a saluting soldier, is reserved for presentation to veterans in prearranged group settings and ceremonies.
  • Our miniature flag is presented to individuals that materially assist in arranging formal presentation ceremonies.
  • Our large flag without the embossed soldier is available to those that request it, along with their donation of $50.00, or more.

Mailing Address:  

Rustic Flags for Veterans Foundation
PO BOX 3831
Bartlesville, OK 74006